EFW Swiss AG is a Swiss-based, independent, specialized firm focused on Energy, Food and Water (EFW) efficiency.  It is focused on the integration of successful sustainable development practices into mainstream investment management.  Our objective is to identify the companies that are successfully addressing Energy, Food and Water scarcity through operational efficiency.

Environmental finance at the core of fundamental analysis

Efficiency in the management of energy & water

Our Mission


To Protect and Enhance the Returns of Investors through Exposure to Companies Selected as Having the Most Competitive Edge in a Context of Increasing Scarcity


“Companies that have successfully incorporated EFW (Energy, Food and Water) efficiency as a strategic ingredient in their industrial vision and business models will mitigate their related risks and capture relevant growth opportunities, generating higher and more sustainable long-term shareholder value creation.”

Swiss Sustainable Finance

Baarermattstrasse 8D 6340 Baar, Switzerland
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