leaf-black-shape 1991
Environmental Impact Report for Real Estate Construction and Development through United States International University, San Diego California.

leaf-black-shape 1993
Research Paper: Environmental Finance a New Approach. (by Dr. Giorgio Blum) Download pdf

leaf-black-shape 1994
Corporate Environmental Responsibility and Corporate Economic Performance: An Empirical Study of the Environmental Involvement of the Top 150 U.S. and Swiss Banks. (Diploma Research Paper by Dr. Giorgio Blum) Download pdf

leaf-black-shape 2010
Participation in the Study of Jennifer aus der AU. Download pdf

leaf-black-shape 2012
Participation in the Study “Sustainable Investments in Switzerland: An Empirical Analysis of Asset Owners and Asset Managers on the Current Acceptance, Perceptions and Barriers”; By Shinobu Ishibashi and Tuuli-Maija Laakso, The University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, August 6, 2012. Download pdf

leaf-black-shape 2013
Successful Calibration of Quantitative Methodology using hard data to prove that Sustainability pays, by EFW Capital Advisors.

leaf-black-shape 2014
Launch of the Energy, Food and Water (EFW) Efficiency Index™.

leaf-black-shape 2016
Establishment of EFW Swiss AG in Zug.

Launch of the EFW Efficiency Fund in Fürstentum Liechtenstein (FL).

leaf-black-shape 2017
The EFW Efficiency Fund is awarded the European SRI Transparency Code Logo, granted by Eurosif. Guidelines can be found on www.eurosif.orgDownload pdf

University Research Paper on EFW Efficiency, currently conducted by Dr. Pfister and L. Dietsche. (Hochschule St. Gallen Switzerland).