The Privacy Policy of (henceforth “Site”), owned by EFW Swiss AG. (henceforth ” EFW Swiss AG”) sets forth the rules for protecting any personal information that Internet users provide to EFW Swiss AG on its Site.

In order to ensure transparency and accuracy in these rules, EFW Swiss AG may change the current policy at any time, in which case it will post the modifications on this page. As such, we recommend that you read this page periodically.

EFW Swiss AG automatically receives and stores information on its servers about browser activity such as IP addresses and page views.

EFW Swiss AG will make sections of the Site available for users to provide their personal information. Using this information, EFW Swiss AG and/or its employees may contact the Site’s users. As such, it is very important to keep the information updated.

Data entered by the Site’s users will only be used by EFW Swiss AG and/or its employees.

This information is confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without the user’s permission, except when formally requested by enforcement or legal authorities. For this purpose, the Site’s users expressly authorize EFW Swiss AG to release their personal information without prior notification.

Moreover, personal information provided in the “News” section of the Site may be shared with EFW Swiss AG’ press office, given that said office is responsible for sending EFW Swiss AG-related news to users who have signed up on that page of the Site.

The foregoing notwithstanding, in the event of a formal, justified request by any enforcement or legal authority, the Site’s user expressly gives EFW Swiss AG permission to pass on the requested information without prior notification.

Access to certain Site content and information may require that users sign in and provide a password. In such cases, the user shall safeguard his/her password to ensure that access is limited to said individual. Users acknowledge that they are solely responsible for managing their username and password. EFW Swiss AG may not be held liable for any actions that result from unauthorized access.

In the event of becoming aware of unauthorized use of one’s password or account, the user should immediately notify EFW Swiss AG.

Information related to the means and regulations for using the Site are available in the Site’s Terms and Conditions of Use.