We believe in the importance of securing academic legitimacy to support our Investment Thesis.  Please find below a series of Research Papers written or co-written by our Team members

leaf-black-shape Research Paper: Environmental Finance a New Approach (by Dr. Giorgio Blum).Download pdf

leaf-black-shape Corporate Environmental Responsibility and Corporate Economic Performance: An Empirical Study of the Environmental Involvement of the Top 150 U.S. and Swiss Banks. Download pdf

leaf-black-shape Participation in the Study of Jennifer aus der AU. Download pdf

leaf-black-shape Participation in the Study “Sustainable Investments in Switzerland: An Empirical Analysis of Asset Owners and Asset Managers on the Current Acceptance, Perceptions and Barriers”; By Shinobu Ishibashi and Tuuli-Maija Laakso, The University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, August 6, 2012. Download pdf