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The user agrees and pledges to use the Site correctly, solely for its permitted purposes, in accordance with the present Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy, any Specific Condition that may apply, as well as with warnings and instructions issued by EFW Swiss AG and current law.

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Although EFW Swiss AG adopts the legally mandated levels of security and protection for personal information, the user must bear in mind that Internet security measures are not foolproof.

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EFW Swiss AG recommends that the Site’s users and investors carefully read all their funds’ prospectuses and regulations before investing any money. Investment funds are not backed by any warranty from the fund’s manager, from the portfolio manager, from any sort of insurance, or from any other kind of warranty. Past performance is not a guarantee of future earnings.

These Conditions of Use are solely and exclusively regulated by Swiss law. The courts of the city of Geneva, Switzerland, are hereby selected to settle any potential, unexpected legal conflict related to these Conditions of Use, renouncing all others, regardless of how privileged they might be.